Conky is a great application for system monitoring in real time. It’s been a while since i’ve last used it on my desktop regularly, mostly because i had been running the KDE desktop for a long period and found the system monitor widgets fitted into KDE more. Since i’ve started using the XFCE desktop again lately, i recently started tweaking together a conkyrc file for my own use.

Here’s what i came up with;


Admittedly it’s not perfect, and could do with some background shading for more readability, but i like this how it is. It blends well with this desktop wallpaper i’m currently using.

You can get the conkyrc here:

If you want the wallpaper to go with it, i uploaded it here (can’t attribute the author, as i found it via google images a long time ago)

(You’ll probably want to adjust the RSS information if you do use it!)