Screenshot_2017-05-03_19-51-54Here’s a nice and simple way to embed Xfce4’s Terminal onto your desktop wallpaper.  This works across all virtual workspaces that are present, and removes it from the window list on your taskbar.

Copy this small shell script and save the file somewhere; Adjusting the configuration section to suit your own preferences., then making it executable;


# configuration

# end configuration

xfce4-terminal \
 --hide-scrollbar \
 --hide-borders \
 --hide-toolbar \
 --hide-menubar \
 --title=desktopterm \
 --geometry=${COLS}x${ROWS}+${XPOS}+${YPOS} &

sleep 1
wmctrl -r desktopterm -b add,below,sticky
wmctrl -r desktopterm -b add,skip_taskbar,skip_pager

Before running this, you may want to check if you have wmctrl installed. It’s important because Xfce4 does not have any window management tools for the placement of windowed applications. You then might want to add this script to your session startup programs, which you can find in the Xfce4 Settings menu. Then either logout/back in, or run the script manually. You should now have an Xfce4 terminal which is embedded onto your desktop wallpaper.

You could even right click the terminal, set the transparency to maximum, so that it fully blends into your wallpaper.

To go a step further, you could have it automatically run a program instead of just the terminal prompt; adding a section like this: