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Desktop trickery with Xfce4’s terminal and wmctrl

Here’s a nice and simple way to embed Xfce4’s Terminal onto your desktop wallpaper.  This works across all virtual workspaces that are present, and removes it from the window list on your taskbar. Copy this small shell script and save … Continue reading

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Using proxychains to become (mostly) anonymous

If you’ve ever wanted to mask your IP address (whatever the reason) you’ll be aware that using a proxy is the first thing to do. Possible motivations might include: Geoblocking State Censorship Local Network Firewall Privacy Illicit activity Using one … Continue reading

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Using the Linux -pf kernel on Slackware

The pf kernel is a fork of the Linux kernel containing several patches to help with desktop responsiveness. You can read more about it here at the official website: In brief it contains these patches: -ck patchset with MuQSS … Continue reading

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Revisiting conky

Conky is a great application for system monitoring in real time. It’s been a while since i’ve last used it on my desktop regularly, mostly because i had been running the KDE desktop for a long period and found the … Continue reading

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